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I have had many conversations with parents this week as they try to get their heads around what’s happening with the science GCSE’s.

Believe me, there is so much I could say on this matter… but I will stick to the facts and you can decide for yourself!


This is only applicable to year 12 students being awarded the qualification in summer 2022.

Each of the unit 1 modules is now worth 14.7% instead of the usual 11%. That means the unit 1 exams (B1, C1 and P1) make up a total of 44.1% of the over all qualifications.

Most students either sat these in November or are sitting them now in February. So in a period of 6 months they have sat nearly half of the GCSE, all whilst being taught the unit 2 material.

Each of the unit 2 modules is now worth 18.7% instead id the usual 14%. These cannot be examined until June 2022. So in June, the pupils will sit 56.1% of the GCSE


Students sit 3 modules and each are now worth 33.3%.

It should be pointed out that this is only applicable to current year 12 students. Year 11 students are not subject to these amendments and therefore, their modules will be worth 25% each.

GCSE separate sciences (TA)

There is no option to sit modular exams. There are two units and both will be examined in summer 2022. Each paper is worth 50% of the overall award instead of 37.5%

So please be kind to the kids. Year 12 is a rough journey for them.

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