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The revision decks - they are out of this world

The revision decks have had a mini makeover and are now back in stock.

The revision decks are your go-to revision guide with the content broken down into bite-sized chunks.  Each deck has a set of colourful cards that are packed with diagrams, key facts and memory prompts.

Minimizing cognitive load and activating prior knowledge is key to managing learning which will enable you to excel in your exams. This is a process I have been using for many years in preparing students for exams and it has enabled students to achieve top grades.

The decks are carefully thought out, sequenced and allow you to build your knowledge.

There is one deck for each module in single, double and triple award science.

You will not find another go-to revision resource that is as comprehensive and compact as the revision decks. 20 plus years of teaching went in their development and even though they are not even a year old yet, their work has been mighty!

Click in the links above to view and purchase the decks that will get you through your exams.

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