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Science resources that pave the road to success

Discover the fabulous world of Simply Science resources, uniquely developed in-house with Northern Ireland students in mind. With a dearth of resources exclusively designed for the Northern Ireland Science curriculum and CCEA exam boards, our comprehensive range fills the gap, providing tailored support and exceptional quality for students across the region. Let's explore the three key types of resources that make Simply Science a go-to destination for your child's academic success.

The Blast Off Series
Prepare your Key Stage 3 pupils (Years 8-10) for excellence with our Blast Off series. Specifically crafted to align with the Northern Ireland Science curriculum, these topic booklets offer understandable explanations that cater to the learning needs of Northern Ireland students. Created in-house, these resources empower parents to actively support their children in revision and learning, fostering a collaborative approach to education. With an abundance of exam-style questions, students can practice and assess their progress, building confidence and consolidating their knowledge in preparation for future success.

The GCSE Booster Packs
Embark on a comprehensive revision journey with our GCSE Booster packs, meticulously designed to cover each unit of the Double Award course. Exclusively tailored for Northern Ireland students, these packs provide succinct yet comprehensive notes that strike the perfect balance between simplicity and depth. Developed in-house with an understanding of the specific requirements of the CCEA exam board, they aid in the development of a thorough working knowledge and understanding of the topics. Packed with revision notes and practice questions, these resources complement the revision decks, offering additional detail and ample question practice to reinforce learning and boost exam performance.

The Revision Decks
Simplicity meets success with our pocket-sized GCSE revision decks. Specifically created to address the unique needs of Northern Ireland students preparing for the CCEA exams, these decks provide clear and concise presentation of the key content you need to know. Developed in-house, these resources cut straight to the core concepts without any frills or distractions, allowing for focused revision and maximum retention. With one deck dedicated to each module, students can easily navigate the specific content required for their exams, enabling a solid understanding and empowering them to excel in their GCSEs.

Explore the fabulous world of Simply Science resources, designed exclusively for Northern Ireland students. With the Blast Off series, GCSE Booster packs, and revision decks, you can provide your child with the support and tools they need to thrive in their science education. Say goodbye to the frustration of searching for tailored resources and embrace the excellence that Simply Science offers. Prepare your child for success with our in-house developed resources, because Northern Ireland students deserve the very best.

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