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About Simply Science

My name is Cathy.  I am a science teacher of quite a few years experience! I am passionate about science, education and giving our young people the best life chances as possible.  Teaching is my second career, having spent my early career after graduation working in heavy engineering, electronics and the medical devices industries where I had a range of positions from Engineer to Quality and Regulatory affairs manager.


For the past 20 (ish) years I have taught Science in the classroom indulging my passion for STEM, discovery learning, and getting the kids outside their comfort zone and thinking outside the box! I I teach all sciences to GCSE and Biology and Chemistry to A level...and..quite simply, I am one of those nerdy teachers who love their job!  When people ask me what I teach, the answer is, I teach children. I deliver Science but I teach children! This is my guiding principle when I have young people in front of me. I teach the child in a way that they can learn, access the curriculum and develop their own skill set.  Not every child learns in the same way so not every lesson is taught in the same way.


 Simply Science was founded during the Pandemic Lockdown of 2020 with one goal in mind: to develop study methods that will help as many students as possible achieve academic excellence while studying and learning from home. 

Teachers were struggling to transform in-person lessons to online platforms,, parents were struggling to get their heads around what their children needed to be doing and the children were having to adapt to the changing face of education. Not everyone coped the same and stress levels will building in households across the country. 

With a bit of time on my hands and the desire to do a little bit to help where I could, Simply Science was born.


I believe in putting the student first, providing customized strategies that work. I have a wide range of courses at different skills levels which can easily suit your schedule. Contact us today so we can help you build your brighter future.

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