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Brain Boost Bootcamp -

Being in the science teaching world for a good wee while (20ish years at this stage) has given me unique insights. Many bright students often grapple not with understanding a topic, but with how to efficiently study, apply and recall it. With this in mind, I've developed the Brain Boost Bootcamp. This is designed to kick start your brain into action with a fully tool kit of techniques and strategies to help you along.

Here's what's on offer:

  1. Metacognition Mastery: This is all about understanding how you think and learn. By recognising and improving your own thought processes, studying becomes more intuitive and effective.

  2. Retrieval Practice: It's not just about cramming information, but also pulling it out when needed. We’ll delve into techniques that improve your ability to recall and apply knowledge under exam conditions.

  3. Cognitive Load Management: Ever feel overwhelmed with too much info? We'll discuss how to manage this "load" so you can process and retain information more effectively.

  4. Practical Application: Using hands-on examples, we’ll put the theories of retrieval practice and metacognition to the test. This way, you get to see these techniques in action.

  5. Your Study Buddy Booklet: I've penned a guide that’ll act as a refresher for everything you'll learn at the bootcamp, ensuring the lessons stay with you long term.

Designed for GCSE and A-level students, the Brain Boost Bootcamp isn’t just another study session. It’s an immersive experience to make you not only understand your subjects but also the science of learning itself. And it is all delivered in the typical, laid back and interactive Simply Science Style!

If this speaks to your academic aspirations, register your interest on our website enquiry form. Let’s embark on this educational journey toget

her. Coures will be available from Autumn 2023 and courses will be added to the website when venues are booked.

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