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Maths Tuition

Mathematics is more than just numbers; it's a universal language that shapes our world and daily lives. Struggling with concepts or seeking to excel further? Maths tuition can be the game-changer.

Here's why:

🔢 Our classes cater to each student's  learning pace and style, ensuring core concepts are grasped firmly.

🤝Online classes: these can be recorded and the student only needs to be as interactive as they feel comfortable with.  As long as they participate in the work they will not be singled out for speaking out!

👩‍🏫 Expert Guidance: With experienced teachers at the helm, students gain access to proven strategies and insights that can transform their understanding.

💡 Worked examples: the teachers will spend time taking you through the methods and embedding exam technique and understanding to enable you to reach your potential. 

📊 Boosted Confidence: With every class, students not only build their skillset but also gain the confidence to tackle complex problems head-on.

Maths tuition isn't just about better grades. It's about equipping your child with a skill that serves them for life. Join our group classes and let's make maths not just understood, but mastered!

Online class booking


Online classes are booked through the Bookwhen portal.  This enables your zoom link to be embedded in your booking confirmation.

The classes can be booked as individual classes or a Class pass can be purchased to book all 8 classes at a discounted rate. 


Maths Tuition Schedule

The following classes will be offered throughout the year and more will be added as the need arises.

  • M1/2 Online class

  • M3/4 Online Class

  • M5/6 Online Class

  • M7/8 Online Class

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